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Eat Out to Help Out

Discount Scheme

Some Businesses are finding it time consuming to calculate the discount but If you are Lucky and you have purchased SAMTOUCH EPOS System from us we have been upgrading the software for FREE.

All you need to do is press the eat out help out button enter the number of people and it will calculate the discount for you.

Introduction to the scheme

From the 3rd of August up until the 31st August, customers at participating restaurants can get a 50% discount on their meal, but not alcohol, up to the value of 10 per person during Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There is no limit as to how many times the customer can use the discount in one day.

This is a very difficult discount to manage and requires the staff members to know all the rules and calculate the discount accordingly so is very open to mistakes. With this in mind, SamTouch has a new discount function that can be utilised to take the stress out of the offer; it will prompt for a guest count and calculate the discount for you.

eat out help out


The EAT OUT HELP OUT button itself is very simple to use, firstly sell the products in the

transaction as you normally would. When the customer requests the bill you need to follow these steps: -

- Recall the Bill

- Press the EAT OUT HELP OUT button.

- Enter the number of guests

- Press Print Bill



The SamTouch system will then report the usage of the discount to its own totalizer on the financial report with the media sales section. There is also a new report added

Report which will give a detailed breakdown of each transaction which used the EAT OUT HELP OUT button, This report is run using a date range selection and gives a list of each transaction within the range totalled daily and the full report.

Rec No = The transaction number (run the report for each terminal separately if you need a pos number).

GC = Guest Count entered.

Value = Total transaction value.

Disc = Value of discount given. T





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